LVS are regularly investing in new equipment  to try keep ourselves on top of the game. Vehicle alignment is very critical especially when it comes to tyres and overall handling of the car.


If your vehicle`s alignment is out, this can cause premature wear on the cars tyres and in turn wear them extremely quickly.


LVS`s laser alignment did the job well but we found it took our technicians along time carrying out adjusts and road testing to make sure the vehicle drove as well as it should. In the winter period LVS had 2-3 demonstrations on different alignment machines to find out which was suited our business the best.

The Absolute Alignment Machine came in top, a great machine, fantastic support and at a reasonable price



The Absolute Alignment machine has a full integrated camera system with registration look up, this means we can now enter your vehicles registration and this instantly loads details of your vehicle into the system and informs us of exactly what adjustments are needed. .





So what do I benefit from having my alignment checked

  • Better Handling
  • Better Tyre Wear
  • Better MPG



A before and after printout can now be handed to YOU,  the customer so you can physically see the adjustments have been carried out and the vehicle is now within tolerance.

Vehicle alignment is £79.00 inc vat


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