LVS are a DVSA registered MOT testing station for vehicles up to 3.5t or designated as Class IV. It is mandated by law all motor vehicles on UK roads over 3 years of age requires a valid MOT certificate.

Your vehicle must have an MOT test once a year, (New Vehicles must be done after 3 years) this is carried out to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy not just for your safety but for other road users.

All major parts are checked on an MOT test from brakes, lights, suspension, bushes, steering, tyres and bodywork etc.

If your vehicle happens to fail an MOT (YOU) the customer will first of all be informed on what the vehicle has failed on and also given a cost of repair. LVS will try their best to carry out all repairs on the same day and re-test your vehicle to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

LVS carry out an MOT test from just £40.00 (Class 4). Remember if you bring your vehicle in for a service at the same time we will offer a discount on your MOT.