Engine Remapping by LVS

Sometimes, we would all like a little bit more from our vehicles; whether you want more performance, or improved fuel economy – come and speak to LVSR.

With these things possibly nagging in mind, you may feel the urge to go and buy a new/different vehicle, costing you thousands of pounds as well as the hassle of trying to find a suitable vehicle to meet your needs. Introducing engine remapping!

Here at LVS AG, we offer bespoke tuning solutions to give your vehicle more power, more torque and better drivability with the added benefit of increased miles per gallon by means of engine remapping; without the need to spend thousands on a new car or any extensive modifications.

As an authorised dealer for REVO, we offer you only the very best in performance software with Revo specialising in the VAG and certain Ford Group vehicles. REVO undertake an extensive research & development program; none of their performance software is released until absolute perfection is achieved, unlike other software suppliers where we have seen software available for a new vehicle almost immediately as soon as its release without any extensive reliability testing. The REVO software can be tailored to your vehicle, which includes any other performance enhancements e.g. different air intakes or exhaust systems. Whether it’s a Stage 1 remap for your Passat estate, or a full Stage 2+ package for your Golf GTI, R, Focus RS, Fiesta ST – then LVS AG have the very best premium solution for you!!