Air Con by LVS

Air con Re-Gas £49.00 Inc

Your aircon system runs off a gas, over time this gas gets used up or on older vehicle can leak due to splits, or corrosion in a pipe, dried out seals, failure of component parts such as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier/accumulator or the thermal expansion valve.

Our Bosch AC system is attached to your vehicle and will proceed to vacuum the system to remove all the old gas. Once the vacuum has been completed new gas is then installed along with a leak detector fluid.

The fluid is added with the gas in case a leak is detected within the system. Unfortunately you cannot see any leak due to gas being transparent. This is where the leak detector dye comes in. A green fluid will be seen using UV glasses and give an indication where the leak is coming from.

Air con Full Service £69.00 Inc

The Full AC service is similar to the re-gassing service however we also add an aircon ‘bomb’ on your vehicle.

Over time the system may experience a build-up of bacteria within the system. A lot of people do not use the AC over the winter time and this is when the bacteria can build up. This is normally noticed when you turn your AC on in the spring time and you may notice a fusty smell.The AC ‘bomb’ will irradiate this by cleaning the entire system using an anti-bacterial treatment to help maintain your system to work as effectively as possible.

It is recommended that the AC system is serviced every 2 years.